Waste and Recycling

Did you know?

·         There is a store of partly-used tins of paint available free at the Lynnbottom Household Waste Recycling Centre; ask a member of staff if you’d like some!

·         The Isle of Wight Council is currently trying to address the problem of people operating holiday lets using domestic rubbish collections. Technically, this is commercial waste.

·         The mechanical treatment plant being built in Forest Road really is a good thing! Before operations begin, we will have an opportunity to visit.

·         It’s very important to wash recycling as there is a much bigger market for selling clean material; the money raised goes to the Isle of Wight Council not Amey so we all benefit

·         Put your waste cooking oil in with food waste, not down the sink etc.

·         The Isle of Wight Council is aiming for zero non-essential plastics

·         The telephone number for waste queries is: 823777 (This is an Isle of Wight Council number; there is no direct contact for the Recycling Centre)