June News

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council held its Annual Meeting on Monday 23rd May at the Edward Edwards Library, Niton. Councillors Jon Boileau Goad (BG) and Anne Watts were elected as Chairman and Vice chairman respectively. Members of the Parish Council and I gave a vote of thanks to Councillor Graham Melville for his dedication and support during his two years as Chairman. An up-to-date list of all members, including their contact details, is displayed on the village notice boards and the Parish Council website.

Further comments were submitted on the planning application for the temporary access and turning points on Undercliff Drive. The Parish Council was obliged to revisit the matter in the light of the online comment posted on the Isle of Wight Council website by Island Roads on 10th May. It is factually inaccurate in its description of future access through the site, which is the entire purpose of the work. This misled very many people, as other entries on the comments file clearly show. The Island Roads comment has not been corrected save in a one-paragraph clarification obtained by the Parish Council.

Members considered the Isle of Wight Council’s proposal to introduce charges for using the Allotment Road car park by means of a residents’ permit (cost £25 per month + VAT). Although this potentially offers a solution to the problem of abandoned/stored vehicles in the car park, the Parish Council has objected to the proposal as it is anxious to maintain the provision of free parking spaces for residents and a safe drop-off zone for parents/carers of children at Niton Primary School. The Parish Council has received assurance that no charges will be introduced while it is involved in negotiations for take-over of the car park.

The Parish Council is currently in discussion with Southern Vectis and Chillerton &Gatcombe and Chale Parish Councils over the number 6 bus winter service. Arrangements must be in place by the beginning of August to allow for registration with the Traffic Commissioner. Any news will be posted on the website.

It has been brought to my attention that the Whitwell red telephone kiosk is occasionally being used as an alternative to recycling for old catalogues and unwanted magazines. The telephone box library is maintained inside (and outside) by volunteers from the community and I would ask you please to help them look after this much-loved facility for us. Thank you.

If you use the public toilets in Niton, you will undoubtedly be impressed by the standard of cleanliness maintained by our volunteers. However, the toilets are now looking better than ever having recently been given a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. The Parish Council is indebted to Chris and Trevor for their brush work.

As a smaller authority, the Parish Council is required to provide electors with the opportunity to inspect the accounts and any other documents for a period of 30 working days, which begins for us on 20th June. Further details are on the notice boards and the website. If you wish to exercise your public rights, or you’re suffering from insomnia, please contact me.

The Ashknowle Lane all-weather footpath surface is now in use, which is a fantastic consequence of all those 5p Tesco carrier bag sales! The Chairman of the Parish Council is planning a grand opening but, in the meantime, I would encourage you to walk, cycle or ride your horse along this safe route between the villages, if you’re able to do so.

Just a quick reminder, if you’d like to be involved in the IW Ramblers/Parish Council “Path Partners Project” to survey and routinely maintain our local footpaths, please contact me or Councillor Ali Logan on 07850 081585 or ali75logan@hotmail.com  My dog has already volunteered for the survey team and been on his first defect inspection!

Vickie Ford, Parish Clerk