February News

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council met on Monday 22nd January at the Edward Edwards Library, Niton. The persistent problems caused by some dog owners not cleaning up after their pets was raised by a member of the public; the Chairman gave details of the £100 reward on offer from the Parish Council for evidence leading to the successful conviction of offending dog owners.

After careful consideration of the draft budget, a £2,000 contingency was added for matched funding (with the Isle of Wight Council) of Highways improvements. The 2018/19 precept was set at £44,663, representing an increase of 25p per month per Band D household. Full details of the budget can be found here

The dates of Parish Council meetings during 2018/19 were agreed, with the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council to be held on 21st May and the Annual Parish Meeting on 14th May. The Annual Parish Meeting is, as its title suggests, not a council meeting but a meeting of the Parish electors. You, as electors, can contribute to the agenda and use the meeting to celebrate local activities and/or debate current issues in the community. If you have any ideas for agenda items, please let me know. This is your meeting and a chance to have your say!

A grant of £3,000 was awarded to Niton Library and Community Hub, reflecting the Parish Council’s support for the many opportunities and events on offer within its walls.

I was given permission to organise another Parish excursion and am currently looking at Carisbrooke Castle museum as a possible destination. More details to follow 😊

The Parish Council also agreed to invite tenders for the restoration of Castlehaven Village Green following the storm damage of 2016. We aim to create a safe and functional public space that provides a natural habitat which is sympathetic to its environment. Tenders incorporating innovative ideas and a planned approach were invited, with this initial phase cost not exceeding £2,500.

The Parish Council is in contact with Island Roads regarding the resurfacing of Whitwell High Street after the completion of the Southern Water scheme to replace the water main. Island Roads now propose to undertake the work in early June over 10 daytime shifts. Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, the site has been assessed as unsuitable for night-time working. Although the work was originally due to start in March, the June date will ensure that there are no defects following Southern Water’s scheme such as poor compaction of the trench lines, thus reducing the risk of any failures after resurfacing. Island Roads is proposing to deploy its Mobile Visitors Centre to Whitwell ahead of the scheme to give businesses and residents a chance to discuss the works and how they will be affected by them.

Councillor Sherlie Burridge, Chairman of the Parish Council Planning Committee, represented the Parish Council at the meeting of the Isle of Wight Council Planning Committee on 30th January, at which planning application TCP/33037, P/00395/17 was considered. This is the Outline application to provide 9 new residential units on land rear of 15 to 18 Priory Walk and adjacent to 17, Chatfeild Road. The Committee granted outline permission but with conditions that the units are to be single storey; imposing restrictions on overlooking Priory Walk; and preventing any development taking place until the land drainage problems have been sorted. Full details and the decision notice will be available shortly on the Isle of Wight Council website here

Vickie Ford, Parish Clerk