April 2017 News

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council met on Monday 27th March at the Edward Edwards Library, Niton. The Chairman welcomed representatives of Southern Water, who outlined the scheme to replace the water main along Ventnor Road and Whitwell High Street. It was agreed that Island Roads should be informed of the considerable local concern regarding the timing of the work, which involves a total road closure for four months, which was scheduled from May to August. It was recognised that, despite the increasingly desperate need to resurface the road, its closure through the summer high season would have a catastrophic impact on the White Horse and other Whitwell businesses. As a consequence, an extremely positive and constructive meeting took place at the White Horse on 4th April and we believe a schedule of work that is acceptable to all parties has now been agreed. Work to replace the water main will commence in early November, pause over the Christmas period and end in early March, allowing Island Roads to complete resurfacing before Easter 2018.

After the popular sessions in Niton, the Parish Council is trying to gauge interest in Whitwell for training in the use of the community defibrillator. If you would be interested, please let me know.

You may be aware that a couple of planning applications for development of multiple dwellings outside, but immediately adjacent to, the Parish development envelope have recently entered the public consultation period. You may not be aware that the Isle of Wight Council no longer contacts residents of neighbouring properties as a matter of course to invite their comments. However, even if you do not have access to the Isle of Wight Council’s website, you can still check on local planning application consultations: they are listed month by month on the Parish Council agendas and displayed on the notice boards.

Is anyone interested in having an allotment in Niton? If so, the Parish Council would like to know. Please contact a Councillor or me to register your interest.

The Niton and Whitwell Annual Parish Meeting will take place at Niton Library on Monday 8th May at 7 pm. For more details, click here

Vickie Ford, Parish Clerk