April News

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council met on Monday 25th March at Niton Library. The effectiveness of the internal audit 2017/18 was reviewed and an internal audit plan agreed for 2018/19. In line with the Chairman’s stated intention to develop a simple management plan attached to each item on the asset register, I had conducted a detailed review of each asset owned or leased by the Parish Council and each asset for which the Council is responsible for maintenance. A revised asset register and list of land assets was adopted as a result of the review.

Councillor Jon Boileau Goad reminded everyone that the NitWhit Soap Box Derby will take place on Sunday 1st September at Niton Recreation Ground. Drivers must be aged 14 years and under. Jon (731811) would love to hear from you if you, or someone you know, would like to enter.

The Chairman had inspected the surface of Ashknowle Lane on 10th March. He reported that where the surface is solid, it had remained in place and, where there are two tracks, there was some indication of wear due to water. It was agreed that the state of the Lane be reviewed again next March.

The report prepared by Community Action Road Safety (CARS), which was based on the results of the group’s recent survey, was discussed. I was asked to forward the report to Councillor Ian Ward, Isle of Wight Council Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport, stating that it contained some good ideas and inviting discussion.

An interim report on the refurbishment of Castlehaven Village Green had been received from Carol Flux of Gift to Nature. The Parish Council has been pleased to receive a number of very positive comments on the work thus far to restore the Green. The long-term aim is to create a safe and functional public space that provides a natural habitat which is sympathetic to its environment

Apologies for the delay in arranging a Parish Excursion to the End of the Line café in Freshwater. This will now take place on 23rd May. Click here for more details.

Steam cleaning of Whitwell War Memorial by Island-based company WightStream Hydrocleaning Group happened on Thursday 4th April. The work was scheduled in April, when the risk of frost should have been past. Alas, to my horror, there was a sharp frost on the morning of 3rd April when work had been due to start ☹ However, we were able to go ahead the following day despite the rain. As we had hoped, the appearance of the War Memorial is greatly improved, with the inscription and names clearly legible. Further work may be considered to improve definition of the lettering.

Councillor Jon Boileau Goad has asked for all sitings of cars travelling the wrong way down the one-way system in Niton to be reported to the Parish Council. Please contact Jon (731811) or me to report any you witness.

Following their recent move to West Wight, Janice and Jon Young have resigned from the Parish Council. For a number of years, Jon was Chairman of the Planning Committee and, over the last year, Vice Chairman of the Council. For the last two years, Janice has been our IWALC rep. They will both be sadly missed! Their resignations leave two casual vacancies on the Council. The vacancies will be filled by co-option at the Annual Meeting on 20th May. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, click here for more details.

Vickie Ford, Parish Clerk